Why Gunshows

Advertising firearms or firearm accessories in newspaper ads, Facebook, or other social media give criminals access to your personal information and let them know you own guns – not a good idea!

Don’t put your loved ones in harms way; this could unfortunately invite burglary, home invasion- or worse!

So… what to do?

Internet sales can be risky and can be quite the hassle. Also, there can be associated fees like membership charges, shipping charges, etc.

Gun dealers typically pay very little for high dollar firearms; they are in business to make money. Therefore, they have to sell a used gun for less than a new gun on the shelf and still make money. This often means they will pay half of what the gun i9s actually worth to a private individual.

So… how can you get a fair price for your firearm sale or trade?

If you are the rightful firearm owner, and it is within your legal right to sell a firearm, take advantage of selling to private individuals at gun shows this weekend. This will get you top dollar for your firearm investment.

Gun show safety and security is extremely high, so utilize this to get top dollar and to help protect your firearms and your life.